Tony Botros Blog

Welcome to my website! My name is Tony Botros. Born in Canada but raised and currently living in Florida. Huge Florida Sports fan.

Sharing my daily food experiences will be a main topic here. I'll also cover areas like fitness, sports, etc. But like I said, expect mostly food.

I will have a gallery page dedicated to pictures I take in nature. I will have another gallery page dedicated to food photos I take.

As the blog starts to take shape, one thing you can count on is an update every week on the new cookies of the week for Crumbl Cookies. Crumbl Cookies is a very popular cookie shop that began in Utah and has now spread across the US to over 200 stores. Crumbl Cookies has 6 cookies every week. 2 of those cookies are always on the menu (chocolate chip cookie & sugar cookie). The other 4 cookies are new cookies each week and are announced every Sunday at 8pm. I'll keep you updated each week on the new 4 specialty cookies for the week by providing pictures and descriptions of the new cookies.

The blog will be constantly evolving so stay tuned.